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Solid Woven Belts

Belt load is carried by solid woven carcass, which is impregnated with PVC paste then protected with PVC or PVG covers. Solid woven belts has good fire resistant, anti-static properties. It has light weight, high elongation at break,good adhesion, high impact resistant and high tear strength. It is suitable for underground coal mines as well as flame resistant application.

This type of belts could be manufactured according to MT914, SANS 971, AS 4606, BS3289, BC158. etc international codes and regulations.

Standard non-pressed PVC Belt

Both top and bottom covers are PVC with gauge less than 0.8mm, non-pressed. Environment above -10℃.

Pressed PVC Belt

Both top and bottom covers are PVC with gauge up to 4mm, pressed. Environment above -10℃.Impact resistance, water soaking, long life time and high splice sufficiency.

PVG Belt

Both top and bottom covers are nitrile rubber. Environment above -10℃. Suitable for steep gradient(<20 degree lifting angle) conveying.


Both top and bottom covers are high abrasion resistant and high impact resistant rubber. Environment above -15℃. Suitable for above ground application.

Belt Tensile RatingWarp Tensile(N/mm)WeftTensile(N/mm)Refer.Carcass Tks(mm)Refer.Carcass Weight(kg/m2)Grade and Tks(mm)Width(mm)
680/1 T46802656.58.5PVC 1.5+1.5PVG 1.5+1.5500-3200
800/1 T58002807.09.0PVC 1.5+1.5PVG 1.5+1.5500-3200
1000/1 T610003008.010.5PVC 1.5+1.5PVG 1.5+1.5500-3200
1250/1 T712503509.512.5PVC 2.0+2.0PVG 2.0+1.5500-3200
1400/1  T8140035010.013.0PVC 2.0+2.0PVG 2.5+1.5500-3200
1600/1  T9160040010.514PVC 2.0+2.0PVG 2.5+1.5500-3200
1800/1  T10180040011.515PVC 2.0+2.0PVG 3.0+2.0500-3200
2000/1  T10200040012.516.5PVC 2.0+2.0PVG 3.0+2.0500-3200
2240/1  T12224045014.018.5PVC 3.0+2.0PVG 3.0+2.0500-3200
2500/1  T13250045015.020.0PVC 3.0+2.0PVC 3.0+3.0500-3200
2800/1  T14280045016.522.0PVC 3.0+3.0PVC 5.0+3.0500-3200
3100/1  T15310045018.024.0Custom Design500-3200
3400/1  T16340045020.026.0Custom Design500-3200

Pipe Conveyor Belt

Pipe conveyor is a well-rounded solution for securing materials over the long distance transportation. Minimizing dust pollution and keep environment clean, it is easily conforms to complicated topography by going ups and downs and marking turns with less land required. The pipe conveyor belt is with long transverse stiffness, excellent overlap sea and reduced buckling and minimized seam rotation in curves.

The carcass is selected according to belt tensile with Fabric Pipe Belt Steel and Cord Pipe Belt.

The following rubber cover is available

Abrasive Resistance

Heat Resistant

Acid/Alkali Resistant

Fire Retardant

Energy Saving Low Rolling Resistance

Max. Loading Factor 75%

Max. Material Particle: 30% of pipe inside diameter

Technical Data

Bridgestone StandardChina Chemical Industry StandardChina Mechanical Industry Standard






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